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Patriot Exhaust Products

continues to offer the best value for the dollar of any header brand in the industry. Known for years as the primary exhaust supplier to the Street Rod, Custom Car and Muscle Car enthusiast. A PerTronix Performance Brand that continues the tradition of supplying quality products and excellent customer service for more than 40 years!

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Patriot Exhaust has several style mufflers to adjust the sound of your ride. From the classic Smithy's® to a Varaflow® Tunable Muffler we offer many different styles to best suit your needs.

Smithy's® Mufflers

Smithy's Mufflers

The world's oldest performance muffler is available for that "resto-rod" or your 1950's custom. Get the muffler your dad used to impress his friends, and yes, it's still guaranteed not to blow out or leak. Double end cap constructions and 3 1/2" hammertone finished cases assure the original Smithy look.

Varaflow® Tunable Muffler

This new muffler features SFI Technology and utilizes an electric motor and valve assembly which allows the user to adjust the sound of their exhaust, while they drive! Tune out annoying drones when driving down the highway and then turn it up to make more noise on “Cruise Night.” Idle difference between open and closed is 5 dB and at 5000 RPM the difference is closer to 15 dB. For every 10 dB increase sound is twice as loud.


At Patriot Exhaust we offer several classic header and exhaust styles. Ranging from Lakester style headers for the Bonneville and Dry Lakes look to Fenderwell headers for the gasser look. Take your time and find the look you desire for your hot rod.

Lakester Headers and Pipes

Lakester Headers

Give your rod a nostalgic look with a Lakester style header. Our classic Lakester design allows for hookup to an under chassis exhaust system, but by removing the provided block-off plates you can easily uncork your headers. The traditional Lakester headers capture the look and performance reminiscent of the Bonneville and Dry Lakes racers. Traditional Lakester headers are designed for use with no other exhaust system for that open header style and sound. However, if you prefer to tune down the noise we have muffler inserts available to mild the sound.

Side Exhaust

Patriot Exhaust offers several styles of side exhaust to give your hotrod a racier custom look. Our Shielded Side Pipe offers a large inlet and outlet with a low back pressure six-sided louvered core mufflers to guarantee performance and create that distinctive power tone.

The Lake Pipe “4” gives you the look of an expensive tuned header side pipe at a fraction of the cost. We also provide Side Tube Turnouts.

Do It Yourself!:

Not everyone needs the same thing and not everyone wants a prebuilt header or exhaust system. Patriot Exhaust offers many different Weld-Up Header Kits and Exhaust Accessories and Tubing to help you get that custom job done.

Racecar Headers

Weld-Up Race Car Headers for Small Block Chevy

Patriot offers affordable racing headers and do-it-yourself weld up kits for many applications in the popular IMCA Modified, Sprint Car, Late Model Sportsman, Street Stock, Mini-Stock an Pony Car classes and drag racing. Our headers use precision machined flanges and lightweight but strong 18 gauge tubing. Some applications are available with our stepped pipe design to help broaden the torque curve for better corner acceleration. If your exposed collector is taking a beating from competition we also provide replacement collectors.

Accessories and Tips

Components and Accessories

Patriot also offers many style exhaust tips from the Fishtail Style to the Street Rod Megaphone. Collector reducers, Brackets, Gaskets and Cut-Out Kits; Patriot offers everything you need to get your project off the ground and closer to completion.

Know your EO

Patriot Exhaust Products uses a voluntary product identification program whereby all emission sensitive products can be identified by placing numbered labels in product packaging and listing corresponding numeric codes next to each part number. The corresponding numbers and explanations are as follows:

EO Placard 1

This Product has been granted a California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.) Executive Order ("EO") Exemption, or is considered a Direct Replacement or Consolidated Replacement part. It is 50 State Legal when installed on the appropriate vehicle per the Manufacturer Application guide and Installation Instructions.

EO Placard 2

This product is Legal for use on 1974 and older non catalyst equipped vehicles and is considered a Replacement Part per California Air Resources Board regulations, as long as ALL emissions sensitive components are retained, including A.I.R., EGR, Heat Risers etc. Failure to retain any of these components, or use on any 1975 or newer catalytic converter equipped car would render this product Illegal for Street or Off Highway use in California, or in states that have adopted California Emissions regulations and may only be used for Closed Course Competition.

EO Placard 3

This product is Not legal for Street or Off Highway use in California or in states that have adopted California Emissions Regulations and is only intended for Closed Course Competition use, except 1965 and older US manufactured California Certified vehicles, 1967 or older US manufactured Federally Certified vehicles, or 1967 and older Foreign manufactured vehicles which may have any aftermarket add-on or modified part installed as long as the vehicle can still meet the tailpipe emissions standards for the year of the vehicle and retain any original or retrofit crankcase control (PCV) devices and NOx device required for the year of the vehicle.